Air Quality Monitor E2250

Evikon MCI
  • Ambient temperature, relative humidity and CO2
  • Real time monitoring
  • Visual and sound alarm
  • Automatic Background Calibration for CO2


Air Quality Monitor E2250 is intended for use in schools, hospitals, offices and other public spaces. Monitoring air quality is important to maintain comfortable and safe environment for workers, students, clients and everyone else.

The device measures temperature, relative humidity and CO2 level and gives visual and sound alarm when CO2 level exceeds 1000 ppm. Monitoring these indoor air quality characteristic helps to assess the need for ventilation which increases the efficiency of the HVAC systems. 

E2250 is a maintenance free plug and play device.


Measured parameters temperature, humidity, CO2 level
Sensors digital RH and T sensors,
optical NDIR CO2 sensor
Measurement range 20...85 %RH
-10...+50 °C
400...5 000 ppm CO2
Resolution 1 %RH / 1 °C / 1 ppm CO2
Accuracy ±4 %RH / ±1 °C /
±50 ppm ±5% reading value CO2
Sampling time 1.5 seconds
Storage conditions indoor, dry rooms, -10...+60 °C
Power rechargeable lithium battery with 1600 mAh capacity (includes micro-USB and power adapter)
Dimensions 70 x 80 x 35 mm