Timber drykiln control systems E637C

Evikontroll Systems
  • Fully automated drying process
  • Unlimited amount of drying programs
  • Remote control
  • Reliable and stable transmitters
  • Ventilation control


Evikontroll Timber drykiln control system is designed for monitoring timber moisture, chamber humidity and temperature throughout the whole drying process.

The fully automatic drying process can be monitored and controlled from a computer, smartphone or other device with internet connection.

The system consist of temperature and humidity transmitters, lumber moisture transmitters and PID controllers. With web interface and visualization, the user gets a thorough overview of the whole kiln with its processes.

Evikontroll Timber system can be installed to new or renovable condensation or convective drying kilns. It is possible to build and expand the system step by step. Wireless internet connection option is also available when cabling cannot be installed inside the chambers.