Silo temperature monitoring systems E657C

Evikontroll Systems
  • Low cost installation
  • Web interface and SMS alarms
  • Up to 15 000 sensors
  • Fan control option
  • Unlimited temperature logging


Evikontroll Silo fully automatic temperature monitoring system is the unique solution for detecting temperature rise in silos and therefore make smart decisions to prevent damage in the grain stores.

Evikontroll Silo gives user the ability to observe current and past temperature readings and changes in data. Measured data can be generated into reports and graphs. The system offers the possibility to configure different alarm setpoints and inform the user about temperature rises and changes.

Evikontroll Silo will pay for itself by reducing the risk of grain spoiling and improving grain quality, while reducing labor and energy costs. The scalable system has been designed for easy installation, operation and maintenance and can be successfully used both in small single silo as well as in large and complex grain storage facilities.

Implementing Evikontroll Silo helps to:

  • Achieve even quality and optimal humidity in the whole silo
  • Reduce grain loss due to fermentation
  • Prevent the spread of insects and mold
  • Check the condition of the grain any time and place and respond quickly to possible problems