Environmental parameters monitoring system E667C

Evikontroll Systems
  • Datalogging of various environmental parameters
  • Scheduled graphic reports
  • Web-based real time monitoring
  • Network of digital sensors


EviKontroll Cloud is a system for monitoring and logging various environment and process parameters.

Measurement data is saved directly to Evikontroll Cloud database, which the user can access any time by using a computer or a smartphone with internet connection.

The cloud-based solution is designed to avoid costs of setting up and maintaining the software, databases and servers. Evikontroll Cloud system offers simultaneous measurement of temperature, humidity, level, pressure and other parameters in different points.

Evikontroll Cloud offers a web-based monitoring system, where the user can observe measuring data and generate reports. The reports can be saved in Excel or CSV format for further analysing and storing.

The system stores up to 1 year of measurement data. Convenient and easy to follow monitoring system offers user the possibility to observe data as tables or graphs. The data is renewed on an ongoing basis.