Temperature Recorder with Printer T-Print G0221

Comet System
  • Dual channel thermometer
  • Capacity up to 170 000 recorded temperature values
  • Comply EN12830, EN13486 for transport of food
  • Included traceable calibration certificate


The Comet G0221 T-Print is a temperature datalogger with printer. Designed to be installed in the driver's cabin and powered from the vehicles cigarette lighter. Although can be placed anywhere and power via a mains PSU. The G Series range allows recorded temperature data to be printed on delivery for proof of environment during transportation of the goods. This device also Conforms to EN 12830, Class 1 and EN 13486, Class 1 for the transport of food.


Measuring temperature range
Operating temperature range
Operating temperature range of the printer
Compatible temperature probes
with Pt1000 sensor with maximum cable length 10 meters
Accuracy of the input without probe
Logging interval
user selectable from 1 minute to 60 minutes
Memory capacity
every 10 s
Total memory capacity
1MB - 172 032 records from one probe, 102 400 records from two probes
9 to 32Vdc