Temperature and humidity regulator H3020

Comet System
  • Outputs: 2xRelay
  • Space, duct, bar and cable types
  • Dual line LCD
  • Long term stability of parameters
  • Easy programming, adjustment, calibration


Humidistats are designed for two-state control of e.g. heating, ventilation, humidifier, dehumidifier, etc. Transmitter is equipped with two relay outputs for alarm indication or control of external devices. 

Each relay can be assigned to any measured or computed value. For each relay setting of delay, hysteresis, audible alarm is enabled. 

Measured temperature and relative humidity is recalculated to other humidity interpretations - dew point temperature, absolute humidity, specific humidity, mixing ratio or specific enthalpy. 

Parameters are easy adjustable from regulator keyboard or from the computer. Large dual line LCD for simultaneous display of temperature, relative humidity or other calculated humidity interpretation is an advantage. 

State-of-the-art capacitive polymer sensor ensures excellent calibration long-term stability, inertia against water and condensation. Transmitter is designed for use in non-aggressive environment.


Maximum switching voltage, current of relay output
250Vac, 8A, 2000VAac
Audible alarm
from built-in beeper - switchable
Supported temperature units
degrees Celsius, degrees Fahrenheit
Range of relative humidity measurement
0 to 100%
Operating temperature range of case with electronics
-30 to +80°C
Operating temperature range of LCD display
readable up to operating temperature +70°C
Range of temperature compensation of RH sensor
-30 to +125°C
Filtering ability of sensor cover
0.025mm (air filter from stainless steel mesh)
110 to 240V/50 to 60Hz
IP65 electronics with terminals
IP40 humidity and temperature sensors