Baro-thermo-hygrometer with internal sensors C4130

Comet System
  • Hygro-baro-thermometer
  • D4130 with logger function
  • Temperature sensor RTD Ni1000 6180 ppm/ °C
  • Accuracy ±2.5 %RH; ±2 hPa; ±0.4 °C
  • Total capacity of 16000 values
  • PC interface serial RS-232


High accuracy thermometer - hygometer - barometer. Audio and optical alarm of measured temperature. Minimum/maximum memory. memory of minimum and maximum temperature included traceable calibration certificate.

Simultaneous reading of temperature and air relative humidity, dew point temperature and air pressure reading selectable, built-in sensors, barometric pressure tendency for last 3 hours.


Measured values
relative humidity
atmospheric pressure
Construction type
for ambient air
Temperature measuring range
-10 to +60°C
Operating temperature range
-10 to +60°C
Temperature sensor
RTD Ni1000/6180 ppm
Barometric pressure tendency reading
In hPa - for last three hours
Power 9V battery
Battery life 2 months typically
Protection IP20