EK group of companies includes three affiliated businesses, located in Tartu, Estonia, and active in automation, measurement and control sectors. 

Evikon MCI, founded in 1991, develops, manufactures and markets worldwide a range of sensor assemblies, transmitters and electronic measurement and control instruments for industrial and building automation applications.

Evikontroll Systems is a value-added industrial distributor, representing Evikon MCI and several other European instrumentation manufacturers in Estonia, and performing on-site product calibration and maintenance. The company acts also as an integrator and solutions provider, specializing in Web-based monitoring, logging and control systems.

EK Automation is an innovation partner, offering professional consulting, engineering and R&D services.


EK group offers a diverse range of application-oriented devices – sensor assemblies, transmitters with analog and digital outputs, portable meters and data-loggers, industrial panel indicators and controllers – for measurement or control of main process and environment variables:
  • Temperature
  • Pressure and flow
  • Liquid level
  • Relative humidity
  • Moisture of materials
  • Toxic and explosive gases
  • pH, ions, conductivity, pO2